Hip Replacement Surgery in Wisconsin

Hip Surgery Options at Aurora Health Care

Do you have pain or stiffness in your hip? Is this making it difficult to walk, bend or lift a leg? If so, turn to the orthopedic hip surgeons at Aurora Health Care. With hip replacement surgery, we can help you get back to enjoying normal everyday activities.

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery

At Aurora Health Care, we are experts in minimally invasive hip surgery, or the "anterior" approach to hip replacement surgery. Anterior hip surgery involves accessing the hip from the anterior—or front—of the body, as opposed to the side or the back. Damaged or diseased bone is removed and replaced with an artificial ball-and-socket joint.

The benefits include:

  • Faster recovery. Aurora’s approach does not require the cutting of muscle to reach the hip, so you’ll typically recover faster.
  • Immediate movement. At Aurora, you’re allowed – even encouraged – to bend your hip freely right after surgery because there’s less risk of dislocation.
  • Light activities after three to six weeks. After only three to six weeks, our patients are usually able to resume normal light activities. Complete recovery can take up to six months.

Who Should Have Hip Replacement Surgery?

A conventional hip replacement procedure is often reserved for patients who have a painful, disabling joint disease of the hip resulting from severe arthritis, or who have not benefited from medication, therapy or other less invasive procedures. It is considered one of the most successful operations in modern medicine.

Prepare for Hip Replacement With Aurora Joint Academy

Prior to hip surgery, you’ll attend the Aurora Joint Academy. You’ll learn what to expect, and you can ask questions up front in a friendly environment. As a result, most patients are less anxious about their treatment. And after surgery, our Aurora doctors and therapists will still work closely with you to develop your personal plan for rehabilitation.

Don’t let hip pain slow you down. Trust the orthopedic hip experts at Aurora Health Care to help you get back to the activities you enjoy.

Learn more about our procedure with our hip replacement video.

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