Hip Resurfacing Surgery in Wisconsin

Minimally Invasive Hip Surgery and Anterior Hip Surgery

Are you having hip pain but don’t want a hip replacement? The orthopedic hip experts at Aurora Health Care can offer an alternative: hip resurfacing.

Hip resurfacing allows young, active patients with hip pain to avoid or postpone total hip replacement. Unlike total hip replacement surgery, in which the ball and socket of an arthritic or damaged hip is removed and replaced with a prosthesis, hip resurfacing involves removing only damaged areas of the joint.

With hip resurfacing, the ball of the hip is reshaped and capped with a metal prosthesis. The damaged hip socket also is fitted with a metal lining. The metal-on-metal joint surfaces allow for a smooth gliding motion – and no pain.

Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR)

Aurora Health Care hip surgeons are among the few in Wisconsin who are experts in metal-on-metal hip resurfacing surgery, also known as Birmingham Hip Resurfacing (BHR). The process involves far less bone removal than traditional surgery. The result? If you need a total hip replacement in the future, that second surgery may be easier to perform.

BHR success rates are encouraging; a recent study showed an estimated 96 percent of resurfaced hip joints are fully functional nine years after surgery.

Hip resurfacing is generally more invasive than conventional hip replacement. Ask your Aurora doctor if hip resurfacing is right for you.

Prepare for Hip Resurfacing With Aurora Joint Academy

Before your hip resurfacing surgery, you’ll attend the Aurora Joint Academy, where you’ll learn what to expect before, during and after the procedure. You can ask questions up front in a friendly environment. After surgery, Aurora Health Care physicians and therapists will work closely with you to develop an individualized plan for rehabilitation to help you restore function, reduce pain and get back to daily activities.

Learn more about the procedure by viewing our hip resurfacing video.

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