Shoulder Orthopedics Experts in Wisconsin

Aurora Health Care’s Shoulder Specialists: Providing the Best Care for You

People with shoulder problems know how difficult everyday tasks can be. Raising your arm, throwing a ball, or picking up a child may seem impossible. But there is hope. At Aurora Health Care, our specialists in shoulder orthopedics are committed to helping you find relief from shoulder pain.

From Southeast Wisconsin to northern cities like Green Bay, Aurora Health Care's multidisciplinary team of physicians, nurses and occupational therapists treat all types of shoulder conditions resulting from disease or injury. Many shoulder treatment options are available for patients with even the most complex diagnosis.

Many of our orthopedic surgeons are fellowship trained, which means they have additional training—beyond medical school and residency—with a dedicated focus on treating shoulder injuries and pain. That advanced level of training means that for even the most discouraged patients, our surgeons offer hope that your shoulder issues can be treated.

Shoulder Orthopedic Treatments

Aurora Health Care offers a full range of cutting-edge shoulder treatment for patients of all ages. Treatments offered by Aurora include:

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