Rotator Cuff Surgery in Wisconsin

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The rotator cuff is one of the most important parts of the shoulder. This group of muscles and tendons holds the shoulder in place. An injury could happen suddenly or develop over time – and either way, it is painful. Fortunately, the orthopedic specialists at Aurora Health Care are experts in rotator cuff repair. Our specialists can be found throughout Wisconsin: As far south as Kenosha or up north in Green Bay.

Rotator cuff surgery helps repair damage to your rotator cuff, a group of four muscles that surround your shoulder joint.

Rotator cuff injuries are most commonly caused by repetitive overhead arm motions, such as swimming or throwing a baseball. They are also commonly experienced by those who have occupations that put heavy demands on the shoulders, such as construction.

Athletes and construction workers often have rotator cuff injuries due to repetitive movement and overuse of the shoulder. The rotator cuff may be damaged from injury or a fall, and damage can also occur slowly over time. Rotator cuff tears can occur at any age.

Damage may be due to:

  • Strains or tears in the rotator cuff
  • Inflammation of the bursa (bursitis) in the shoulder
  • Inflammation of the tendons (tendinitis) in the shoulder

Treatment for rotator cuff repair can include:

Surgery to repair the rotator cuff is recommended only if you fail to respond to at least six months of conservative treatment, such as medication and physical therapy. The options for surgical treatment depend on the extent of injury to the tendon. We can repair some rotator cuff injuries arthroscopically; others require more traditional methods of surgery.

Rehabilitation is very important after every rotator cuff repair surgery. Aurora Health Care offers orthopedic rehab, which involves stretching and strengthening programs. Learn about Aurora's orthopedic rehabilitation services throughout Wisconsin.

Learn more about rotator cuff repair by viewing Aurora’s rotator cuff surgery video.

You don’t have to live with an injury. Let the shoulder orthopedic surgeons at Aurora Health Care get you back to a life without pain.

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