Sports Medicine

Wisconsin and Northern Illinois

Sports medicine deals with active people regardless of age. Whether you're a student athlete with a torn ACL needing anterior cruciate ligament surgery or a senior who wants to return to golf, the sports medicine experts at Aurora Health Care can get you back in the game. 

Our sports medicine specialists can help to:

  • Identify the source of pain or acute injuries and present treatment options that will fit your personal health goals
  • Diagnose and treat overuse injuries
  • Design rehabilitation programs aimed at building strength and flexibility, which can minimize your risk of injury
  • Analyze your body mechanics to prepare athletes to compete at an optimal level
  • Educate patients on injury prevention

Aurora Health Care sports medicine surgeons each specialize in treating a particular area of sports medicine. As a result, we have the knowledge, training, expertise and experience to diagnose sports medicine conditions quickly. And because our multispecialty clinics are home to physicians, physical therapists and trainers, you’ll receive comprehensive care in one location. 

Sports Medicine Treatments

Sports medicine treatments offered by Aurora include:

Rehabilitation is critical to successfully recovering from sports medicine injuries. At Aurora Health Care, our one-on-one rehabilitation services are designed to help you quickly restore function, reduce pain and rediscover the activities you enjoy. 

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