Used Cell Phone Collection Project

cellIf you are thinking of getting a new cell phone, think twice before sending the old one off with the trash. Instead, donate it to a good cause and help stop domestic violence.

Donate your old cell phone. The cell phones will be reprogrammed to 911 emergency services, as well as generate funding for services by local community agencies to help meet the myriad of needs for abused women and victims of stalking. This donation provides a lifeline of assistance for people trying to protect themselves and their children.

Collection box locations

Aurora Pharmacy locations in Waukesha and Milwaukee Counties.

Community Partners

  • Abuse Response Services - Aurora Health Care; Domestic Violence; Sexual Assault Treatment Center; The Healing Center
  • Task Force on Family Violence of Milwaukee, Inc.
  • The Women's Center, Inc. - Waukesha

Before donating your old cell phone

  1. Deactivate your phone service
  2. Delete all phone numbers from the phone's memory