Aurora Pharmacy Prescription Savings Club

Frequently asked questions

Who is the Aurora Prescription Savings Club for?
Aurora Prescription Savings Club offers discounts on generics and other medications and it could help you if you are uninsured, your insurance doesn't cover all of your medications, or your co-pays are too high.

What does the club include?
Prescription discounts on more than 5,000 brand name and generic medications. A 90-day supply of select generic medication is $9.99; a 30-day supply is $3.99. You'll also receive a coupon for $5 in savings on Aurora Pharmacy brand non-prescription items.

Is the Aurora Prescription Savings Club an insurance plan?
No, it is to help people who don't have insurance or are underinsured to save money. If you don't have insurance, have medications that are excluded from your plan or aren't covered because you've exceeded your plan's maximum, or your co-pays are too high, this program might be right for you.

What if I have insurance but want to get my medications not covered by that plan through the Prescription Savings Club. Is this club considered secondary insurance?
No, it's not considered secondary insurance, but if the Prescription Savings Club has a lower price than your insurance or co-pay, you could use the club in place of your insurance. And you can always use the club to buy prescriptions not covered by your insurance. Having other coverage does not necessarily disqualify you from joining the club, unless that coverage is through a publicly funded program such as SeniorCare, Medicare, Medicaid or BadgerCare.

Why can't I belong if I am on Medicare or Medicaid?
Federal and state restrictions do not allow persons enrolled in publicly funded health care programs to participate in this program.

What if I have other prescription drug discount cards?
Your pharmacist can help you figure out which program provides the best savings for you. Only one discount may be used per prescription.

Are there prescription discounts when I have prescriptions delivered?
You must fill your first prescription in person. After the initial transaction, discounted prescriptions can be delivered.

Is my membership automatically cancelled if I enroll in a Medicare program?
No, but please inform your pharmacist immediately after you have enrolled in a publicly funded insurance program like Medicare. When you renew your membership annually, you will be asked to attest that you are not receiving benefits from a publicly funded health care program.

How can I find which generics are available at the club discount price?
Just go online at You will see a list of the specially discounted generics. Another option is to call your Aurora pharmacy.

How much will I be able to save?
That will vary depending on your medications. An Aurora Pharmacy staff member should be able to tell you how much the club can save you, in person or over the phone.

How much does the club cost?
It is only $5 per person a year, and you receive a $5 coupon when you sign up. You are automatically re-enrolled each year.

Why is there a fee to join?
The fee covers administrative expenses of the program.

Will I need to bring my card with me every time?
Your prescription discount will be automatically applied even if you leave your card at home.

How long does it take to get my card?
You will get a printout with your customer number the day you apply and the pharmacist will activate your account so you are enrolled immediately.

What happens if I lose my card?
Your Aurora pharmacy will have records of your enrollment, so if you lose your card you won't lose the ability to participate in the program. If you need a new card, contact the program help desk at 1-888-973-8999.

What if I want to cancel my account?
Your membership is valid for one year after you enroll in the program. If you choose to stop using the club benefits before the year is elapsed, a refund of your enrollment fee is not available. After the first year, if you choose to cancel, you simply inform your Aurora pharmacist.

What if I need to change information on my account?
You can contact the program helpdesk at 1-888-973-8999.

Who can I call if I have questions about the Prescription Savings Club?
If you need more information, feel free to contact your pharmacist or call the Aurora Pharmacy Customer Care Line at 1-888-973-8999.

About generic drugs

What are generic drugs?
Generic drugs are identical to brand-name drugs. Generics are available for sale after the original patent on the brand-name drug has expired.

Do generic drugs work as well as brand-name drugs?
Generic and brand name drugs have exactly the same active ingredients, so they should generally work the same way in the body. The strengths and dosages are also the same, so changing from a brand-name to a generic drug is usually very simple.

Talk with your doctor to see if a generic drug is available for your condition and right for you.

Are generic drugs as safe brand-name drugs?
Yes, they are regulated by the Federal Food and Drug Administration, just like brand-name drugs.

What's the biggest difference between brand-name drugs and generics?
Generics cost less. Today, almost three-fourths of all prescriptions are filled with generic drugs. They are used to treat most of the common conditions, such as:

  • Heartburn
  • Allergies
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Depression

What makes brand-name drugs so expensive?
On average, development costs for a new drug run $800 million. But manufacturers of generic drugs don't have to foot the bills for research, development and clinical trials to prove safety and effectiveness. It's already been done. And they don't advertise. As a result, their costs are much lower, and they pass the savings on to you.

Does every brand name drug have a generic?
No. Patents usually protect a brand name drug for up to 20 years, and generics cannot be made until after the date the patent runs out.

How can I switch my medication to one that is less expensive on the Prescription Savings Club?
Ask your pharmacist or talk to your doctor about generics. Your physician can write you a prescription for a drug with a generic form. Always allow your pharmacist to substitute a generic for comparable brand drugs.