Tips for healthy feet

  • Walk! This is the best form of exercise for your feet.
  • Use ice (cold) to treat an injury. This treatment produces a numbing effect and prevents swelling and pain.
  • Seek medical attention at the first sign of an injury or infection in the foot or ankle. Treatments require an investment of time and sometimes include surgery.
  • Keep your feet clean and dry. Wash your feet and change socks daily. Dry your feet carefully and use foot powder between your toes.
  • Trim your toenails carefully. Use a professional nail clipper and cut straight across. Not too short!
  • Don't ignore foot or ankle pain. Contrary to popular belief, foot and ankle pain is not normal.

Shoe tips

  • Don't wear athletic shoes for sports other that the ones for which they were intended. One style does not fit all! Don't wear any sport shoe beyond its useful life
  • Try shoes on. Manufacturers' sizes differ. Have your foot measured while standing each time you buy shoes
  • Fit the larger foot. Everyone has one foot that is bigger than the other
  • Allow a thumb's width between the end of your big toe and the tip of the shoe
  • Be sure the ball of your foot fits snugly into the widest part of the shoe

Some tips for buying shoes:

  • Examine the shoes for quality
  • Buy shoes that are comfortable
  • Avoid extreme, uncomfortable styles
  • Wear leather or fabric shoes
  • Buy your shoes in the afternoon
  • Investigate "walking pumps." These shoes have an athletic shoe-derived construction, wider toe room, reinforced heels and are available in many fashionable styles

Tips for diabetics

  • Look at your feet every day for sores, cuts, bruises and injury
  • If you quickly treat any foot problem, you can decrease the risk of future foot ulcers
  • If you have problems checking your own feet, have a family member or friend help you
  • Keep your blood sugar levels in control to lower your risk of all complications form diabetes
  • Avoid going bare footeven in your own home
  • Avoid home remedies. Don't use the liquid corn and callus remover. It has acid in it, which can burn your skin
  • See your podiatrist immediately for burns, cuts, frostbite, or any breaks in the skin