Primary Care

Knowing you wellkeeps you well.

About Primary Care

Your primary care doctor works to help you stay healthy through routine check-ups, wellness tips and preventive measures. At Aurora, your doctor will get to know you and learn about your health, your needs and your concerns.

Primary care doctors are often family medicine providers that treat people of all ages, or internal medicine providers who care for adults. Additionally, some primary care doctors specialize in treating children, while others specialize in medical care for women. Your primary care doctors can also connect you to specialists and other resources you may need.

Find the Right Doctor for You

Use our doctor search tool and watch our doctors’ video bios to find a primary care doctor. Have questions? Call 1-888-863-5502 to get answers and recommendations from our staff.

Why Primary Care is Almost Always Your Best Choice

See your Primary Care doctor for:

  • Routine medical checkups
  • Existing conditions like asthma, diabetes, hypertension, etc.
  • Follow-up health checks
  • Medical information for continued care at home
  • Preventive care—tests, immunizations, flu shots, etc.
  • Recommendations for specialists when serious problems arise
  • Undiagnosed problems
  • Wellness advice on things like diet, exercise, ways to quit smoking and weight management