Lucinda Romo

Reconnecting with Primary Care through Aurora QuickCare

Lucinda Romo relays her heartfelt story of the care she experienced beginning at an Aurora QuickCare with nurse practitioner, Jayne Korevec.

Last year, when Lucinda Romo's husband changed insurance with his employer, she didn't think much about it. In January of 2012, however, when the pain in her lower back continued to worsen, she decided to look into her coverage. "I was excited to see Aurora Health Care on the provider list." she says.

"Since I didn't have an established doctor at Aurora, I went to the Aurora QuickCare first thing in the morning," remembers Lucinda. At the QuickCare clinic, Lucinda was seen by nurse practitioner, Jayne Korevec.

Jayne recalls meeting Lucinda, "Throughout the visit I could see she was getting more and more uncomfortable and the pain was getting worse." Lucinda thought it was just a urinary tract infection. She had had them before, although the pain was worse this time. Jayne was able to run a urinalysis immediately. "The results showed blood in the urine, however, because Lucinda didn't have a fever and because of the location and 'on/off' nature of her pain, I suspected a possible kidney stone."

Jayne recommended that Lucinda go to the Aurora BayCare Medical Center emergency department. "I asked her if she needed me to call someone to take her there, but she said she felt well enough to drive." Jayne called the ED and explained the situation along with the results of the exam and lab work she had already completed.

After Lucinda arrived at the ED, she started vomiting and the pain became intense. Following multiple tests and screenings, an MRI detected a tumor the size of a large grapefruit in her uterus. Alan Metzke, an ED paramedic and Dr. Mike Medich, an emergency medicine physician handled Lucinda's immediate care. "I was in the ED for most of the day while they ran tests and tried to control my pain and my nausea. Along with providing excellent care, Alan stayed with me and talked to me throughout the day - it really was a comfort," says Lucinda. "Even though the emergency room was busy, Dr. Medich was very thorough and attentive," she adds. "He answered my questions and made sure I was as comfortable as possible. Once we had a diagnosis, he referred me to Dr. Halloin and arranged for my continued care."

Lucinda was admitted to the hospital overnight and scheduled to meet with Dr. Thomas Halloin in the morning. Dr. Halloin, an OB/GYN with Aurora Health Care talked to Lucinda about a hysterectomy. He also ran blood work to check for cancer.

"No words can explain what a phenomenal person and physician Dr. Halloin is," says Lucinda. "He explained everything in such a personable, down-to-earth way. He used terms that I could understand and was able to put me at ease until the test results came back – he felt like a family member."

While Lucinda was in the hospital, her family, friends and church rallied around her and her family. "My faith is a huge part of my life. Here I was, basically planning for the worse and putting things in order, but my faith, combined with the medical care I was receiving and the support of my friends made me realize how lucky I was."

The test results came back sooner than expected and better than expected with no sign of cancer. Following her hysterectomy surgery, Lucinda found out that the tumor was actually the size of a small watermelon and her right ovary had fused to the uterus. Dr. Halloin was able to leave her left ovary intact. "Thinking back now, there were signs. I was going to the bathroom more often and I had gained weight. I just attributed everything to a combination of age and natural weight gain," says Lucinda.

Relating her experience brings out a lot of emotion for Lucinda, "Although this was the scariest experience of my life, it was also the best. The care and support I received has been life-changing."

Jayne, who has been working in the Aurora QuickCare setting since 2004, recognizes the importance of providing people with convenient ways to access health care. 

"The access, referral and follow-up services that we provide have turned out to be extremely valuable to patients I have seen over the years," says Jayne. "Lucinda's story is just one of many Aurora QuickCare visits that have resulted in the best possible outcome."

Although most walk-in visits are not quite so dramatic or extreme, Aurora QuickCare takes walk-in services to a higher level. When necessary, our providers go the extra mile to help patients locate and receive the level of care they need.

With 10 locations throughout Eastern Wisconsin, Aurora QuickCare is the fast, convenient and affordable way to get your minor health questions addressed without an appointment. To learn more about the services provided at Aurora QuickCare locations or to find a location near you, please call 1-877-QUICKO2.