64-Slice CT: New possibilities in diagnostic imaging

Breakthrough technology

64-Slice is ushering in a new era in CT imaging by giving physicians the ability to see more anatomical detail in only a fraction of the time. The new technology is now available at 8 hospitals:

  • Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Milwaukee
  • Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Green Bay
  • Aurora Medical Center in Oshkosh
  • Aurora Medical Center in Kenosha
  • Aurora Health Center in Hartford
  • Aurora Sheboygan Memorial Medical Center
  • Aurora Medical Center in Summit
  • Aurora Medical Center in Grafton

Faster, easier, less risk and lower cost

Requiring little more than an injection of x-ray contrast through an IV placed in the arm, the speed and resolution of 64-Slice CT angiography allows physicians to view even the smallest of arteries in the brain, heart, and peripheral vascular system. Setting a new standard, 64-Slice CT offers patients an alternative to traditional angiography:

  • It's faster – the exam is15-30 minutes compared to 4-5 hours with traditional angiography
  • No require recovery time, since patients can leave as soon as their exam is complete
  • Fewer risks compared to traditional angiography, since an arterial puncture is not required
  • It's is less expensive than traditional angiography

Non-invasive imaging of the coronary arteries

When a cardiologist needs to diagnose coronary artery disease, cardiac catheterization is the best tool. However, the speed and sensitivity of 64-Slice CT now gives physicians a new way to view the heart and surrounding structures. Coronary CTA captures thousands of images of a beating heart in mere seconds. With exceptional detail, 64-Slice Coronary CTA allows physicians to view calcified and non-calcified soft plaque in the coronary arteries.

The 64-Slice CT captures images of anatomy as thin as a credit card. 3-Dimensional reconstructed images are then formatted, allowing referring physicians and their patients to easily review and understand the findings of the CT scan.

Emergency room decisions: Diagnosing chest pain

Each year nearly 5 million people arrive at an ER complaining of chest pain, yet only a fraction are having a heart attack. A Triple RuleOut™ CT scan allows physicians to quickly diagnosis if a patient is presenting with coronary artery disease, a dissected aorta, or a pulmonary embolism, 3 life-threatening conditions all with the same symptom, chest pain.

Fast assessment of stroke patients

Once a stroke occurs, time matters. The faster a patient can be evaluated and treatment begins, the better the outcome may be. 64-Slice CT offers the speed and image resolution required for rapid examination of the blood vessels in the brain, enabling physicians to make a quick diagnosis of stroke and determine the extent of the damage.

A complete package

Although the 64-Slice CT is the new benchmark technology for CT Angiography, the scanner offers unparalleled flexibility. With full-function capability, all traditional CT studies can be performed on the 64-Slice CT, giving all patients access to the latest in CT technology.

More images of what a 64-slice CT scanner displays