Aurora Medical Center in Washington County

Massage services

For more information on these massage services, or to set up an appointment, please call 262-670-7233.

Swedish massage (relaxation)

Massage strokes consisting of kneading and rubbing of the muscles to help the body to relax, reduce stress and anxiety, increase circulation, decrease muscle spasms and tightness and may help decrease high blood pressure.

Neuromuscular Therapy (therapeutic massage)

Massage consisting of kneading, skin-rolling, deep palpation and acupressure completed on various and specific muscles injuries caused by accidents, sports injuries, etc. (ie: whiplash, headache, low back pain, etc.)

Reflexology (feet)

Deep acupressure and strokes applied to specific areas on the feet that relate to different areas and organs of the body. This form of massage is based on the theory that our body is mirrored on the feet and hands.

Lymphatic massage

Special massage with gentle pressure to help facilitate increased lymphatic flow, allowing the release of toxins from the tissues and may also help boost the immune system to function more normally (not used for Lymphedema).

Chair Massage

Swedish or Therapeutic massage done with patient fully dressed and sitting on a massage chair.

Prenatal massage

Swedish or Therapeutic massage done on a pregnant woman with use of a special pillow that allows the woman to lie on her stomach without risk and completed by therapists trained in techniques for pregnancy massage.

Infant massage

Relaxation massage done with gentle strokes on infants and toddlers. Can be for relaxing muscles and for specific diagnoses. 1-on-1 classes also offered to parents wishing to learn to massage their infant or children. These classes taught by a Certified Infant Massage Instructor.

Geriatric massage

Both Swedish or Therapeutic massage tailored to meet the specific needs of our older population.