Inpatient rehabilitation care

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Easy Street Environments®

Anyone who has had a stroke, spinal cord injury, neurological disorder, head injury, a serious broken bone or a limb amputation finds that the most common, ordinary, daily tasks need to be modified and relearned.

East Street Environments® provides a life-like, everyday world within a safe rehabilitation setting. Easy Street looks like actual city streets, complete with a movie theater, restaurant, grocery store, hair salon, bank, car, gas pump, golf green and bus. Heavy doors, high curbs, high and low shelves, varied flooring and turnstiles provide the patient with a chance to face real life situations.

Patients undergoing therapy in a clinic setting may find it hard to relate the tasks to real life challenges. Because Easy Street is a controlled setting, it makes learning easier. Patients have time to learn new skills without the added problems they might have in the community.

Easy Street is also a trusted way to evaluate and decide whether a patient is ready to leave the hospital. For these reasons, Aurora Sinai Medical Center's Inpatient Rehabilitation Program has combined its traditional therapy equipment with Easy Street Environments®.

For more information about the Easy Street Environments®, please call (414) 219-5254.