Rebuilding lives

Riding, snowboarding, golfing. College student Adam Griggel does it all, despite an episode of spinal meningitis that cost him his right leg – and nearly his life.

report"When I was brought into the ER, they said I had 1 hour to live," he says.

Adam survived, had 17 surgeries and began rehabilitation work with Lori Brooks, MD Her clinics focus on bringing together the whole team – patient, doctor, physical therapist and prosthetist.

"Getting everyone in the same room, talking about the issues, gets the patient the right treatment at the right time," she says. "For example, if Adam had socket pain, we could decide right there if his prostheses or his medication needed adjusting. Therapy goes faster, it costs less, and the patient is happier."

The team approach has Adam back to school and working with horses. Says Dr. Brooks, "Having a life-changing experience doesn't mean life stops."

Adam agrees. "I pretty much do everything I did before, just a little slower."