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We are pleased to announce the new Aurora Research Institute website. You will find 70 new pages full of informative content about our research centers, clinical trials, investigator-initiated research, institute of business services, sponsored programs office, academic relations and Research Matters newsletter.

Learn how to find or sponsor a clinical trial, collaborate with one of our research centers, initiate a collaboration with an investigator or find out how to begin a grant application. Simply click the button on the right navigation bar to get started.

As we launch the new Aurora Research Institute, this website provides valuable information on research being conducted at Aurora Health Care.

Research and Innovation at Aurora Health Care

  • Patient-centered research and innovation at Aurora is housed in the Aurora Research Instituteand is a significant economic driver to the region surrounding Milwaukee and eastern Wisconsin.
  • Funding for research at Aurora comes mostly from outside sources, including industry, pharmaceutical companies and federal agencies, providing millions of dollars to fuel the local economy.
  • Aurora has 700 clinical research projects, including more than 400 clinical trials – more trials than any other system in the state. This benefits patients greatly by giving them access to more new treatment options, drugs and devices.
  • Aurora actively participates in the education and training of the next generation of health care providers. More than 2,400 residents, interns, fellows and students in medicine, nursing and the allied health professions are learning in Aurora facilities each year.
  • Aurora has affiliation agreements with 104 academic institutions, including a number of prestigious universities and academic medical centers.

Aurora Research Successes

  • Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center added to its long list of firsts by becoming the first health care provider in Wisconsin to offer the transcatheter aortic valve replacement trial. Aurora patients taking part in the trial have experienced astonishing quality-of-life improvements.
  • Six researchers from around the world joined Aurora to establish the Sheikh Khalifa bin Hamad Al Thani Center for Integrative Research on Cardiovascular Aging.. Headed by renowned cardiovascular researcher Arshad Jahangir, MD, the center has attracted more than $2 million in funding from NIH Heart, Blood and Lung Institute.
  • Aurora's Open-Source Robotic Biorepository & Informatics Technology, or ORBIT, is now one of the largest DNA biorepositories in the country. Collaborative relationships with academic institutions and industry are in the works to offer a better approach to personalized medicine.
  • Aurora has an agreement with Oracle Inc. to help manage and mine the extensive data and information contained in ORBIT databases for research.
  • Collaborative relationships with academic and commercial institutions are in development, in addition to existing agreements with promising startup companies such as Novoscan LLC, APN LLC and Medical Thermodynamics LLC.
  • More than a dozen intellectual property disclosures were made by Aurora clinicians and researchers in 2011 and 2012.

Aurora helped form the Wisconsin Medical Entrepreneur Foundation (WisMEF) to help spur innovation and entrepreneurial research. It is a consortium which combines the collective expertise and talents of Aurora Health Care, BayCare Clinic, Marshfield Clinic Applied Sciences and WiSys Technology Foundation.