Research Analytics

Research Analytics TeamHigh-quality patient-centered research and a personalized approach are important components of Aurora’s mission to provide patients with the best care and service. Data mining is an integral part of Aurora’s ability to take advantage of its resources to enhance provider clinical quality, individualize treatment and improve financial performance. Transforming electronic health record data into new knowledge and support for medical decisions requires new technology and skills as well as additional resource allocation and organizational adjustments.

Aurora’s large volume of electronic health record data is recognized nationally as a valuable business and research resource. Used as part of routine clinical care, Aurora’s data, which is collected from more than 4.7 million diverse patients, have great potential to serve as a rich resource for patient-centered research. Because the data is derived from the local population, the generated knowledge will be directly relevant to Aurora patients, subsequently providing them with outstanding medical decision support.

Research Analytics supports organizational growth for clinical research and innovation. The team provides the capacity and infrastructure to both obtain and manage data for research at Aurora Health Care; it collaborates with clinical trials, investigator-initiated research, physicians and outside organizations to leverage health data in order to answer research questions.