Immunology Research

Immunology ResearchCurrent Projects

  1. Characterization of Glycosylation Variants of IgG in the Immune Response to Melanoma and HLA antigens.
  2. Effect of APOL1 Genotype on Organ Transplantation.
  3. Improving Access to Patient Transplant Offers through Identification of and Elimination of False Positive Virtual Crossmatches.

Current Collaborations


  • Nasir Sulemanjee, MD: Refinement of Clinical Algorithms for detection of clinically significant antibodies to HLA antigens.
  • John Richards, PhD: Role of sialylated IgGs in dendritic cell function.
  • Matt Tector,PhD: Frequency of autoantibodies to tumor antigens in patients with metastatic cancers.


  • Anil Chandraker, MD, Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School: ApoL1 Genotype and role in Clinical Transplantation.

Contact Information

Please contact Dr. Oaks for more information on immunology research. He can be reached at (414) 649-7188 or by email at