Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews

Jounal of Patient-Centered Research and ReviewsThe Winter 2015 issue (PDF, 2MB) of Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews (JPCRR) is now available! Topics covered in this new issue the association of body surface area and outcomes following percutaneous coronary intervention, the effects of unused wire leads in patients with implanted cardiac devices, the factors contributing to the infectious disease blastomycosis, when women at high risk should start breast cancer screening and more.

To download individual articles from both current and archived issues of JPCRR, visit the journal's open-access website at

JPCRR is focused on scholarly works devoted to improving patient care through research and discovery. A quarterly publication, JPCRR features peer-reviewed original research and reviews for a multidisciplinary audience in medicine, health care, prevention, and translational and basic science. To access individual articles along with supplemental material from both current and archived issues, please visit the journal's new website at

Issues include:

  • Original Research
  • Systematic Reviews
  • Narrative Reviews
  • Editorials and Topics
  • Patient-Centered Essays

The upcoming issue of JPCRR will feature original research and review articles on a variety of topics as well as a supplement of abstracts from the HMO Research Network's annual scientific meeting. Also slated for 2015 are theme issues on vascular medicine and integrative medicine. The deadlines for submitting articles to those theme issues are April 1 and July 1, respectively. Submissions from all areas of medical practice are welcome at any time.

To submit a paper, follow the instructions provided at For other inquires, please contact Dennis Baumgardner, MD, editor-in-chief, at 414-219-5191.


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