Research Matters Newsletter

At Aurora: A System for Research and Discovery

Research Matters Newsletter

Providing patients with the best care, can only occur when our physicians and caregivers are armed with the latest technologies and innovative therapies. Research enables “best” patient care, through improved outcomes and enhancing the quality of life. Research Matters recognizes the activities of the physician and scientist investigators who are often behind the scenes evaluating new devices, new therapies, or improved processes, all under the careful control and guise of quality assurance and compliance programs. 

Musings on Research and Academic Relations

At any given time, Aurora Health Care is involved in hundreds of interdisciplinary and collaborative research projects and more clinical trials than any other health system in the state. Cutting-edge research is an integral part of Aurora's fabric and a key component of its mission. It is respected in the scientific community and vital to quality patient care, safety and cost control.

Research ranges from understanding basic mechanisms at the molecular and cellular level to translational applications that are transformative and inform best practices. It ultimately affects the health of populations for whom disease prevention is particularly critical. Aurora research is also a critical component for more than 2,000 students, residents and fellows who are educated and trained in Aurora facilities each year.

Since joining Aurora in November 2008, I have been amazed at the depth, breadth and excellence of the research conducted here and decided it is important to share our news more widely. As a not-for-profit health care provider, we are committed to serving not only our patients but also the communities, nation and world in which we live. The research conducted in our clinics, hospitals and laboratories reaches well beyond our walls to improve discovery and lives – and we want you to know about it.

I hope you will enjoy our research newsletter. I welcome your input and your support. And stay tuned. You'll be able to track our progress and observe how Aurora becomes an ever-better place in which to conduct research.


Randall Lambrecht, Ph.D.

Randall Lambrecht, Ph.D.
Vice President of Research and Academic Relations
Aurora Health Care