Sponsored Programs Office

Sponsored Programs OfficeThe Sponsored Programs Office (SPO) serves as the Aurora Research Institute's central coordinating office for all externally and internally funded research as well as other projects. The goal of the SPO team is to assist program directors/principal investigators (PD/PI) in their efforts to secure external funding for their research and scholarly activities. SPO also assists in ensuring compliance with federal, Aurora Health Care and private-sponsor regulations, terms and conditions.  SPO helps to ensure quality, consistency and compliance for all sponsored projects across the Aurora organization.


What Is a Sponsored Program/Project?

A sponsored program is a research or other project that is funded by an external source (e.g., National Institutes of Health, American Heart Association, State of Wisconsin, Rock River Cancer Research Foundation) or internally through one of Aurora's intramural grant programs (Cardiac Research Award, Cardiovascular Surgery Research Award and Aurora Cancer Care Research Award). All sponsored projects:

  • Have a defined scope of work or set of objectives in an area such as:
    • Scientific research
    • Clinical trials
    • Demonstration project
    • Professional development
    • Training/education
    • Program development
    • Infrastructure development
    • Equipment acquisition
    • Public service
    • Other scientific or technical initiatives performed within a finite period
  • Involve funding, materials, compensation or cost-sharing through a grant, contract, cooperative agreement or other type of agreement.  
  • Are led by a PD/PI who oversees all work and dissemination of outcomes.

Aurora Health Care’s SPO and Institute of Business Services departments work together to provide PD/PIs with the following pre-award and post-award services:                                 

Life Cycle of a Sponsored Program  

Life Cycle of a Sponsored Program


Pre-award services (proposal cycle) include assistance in identifying funding opportunities, framing a research plan, editing a research proposal, preparing a budget, completing and collecting project-related documents, and managing the application package and submission.

Institute Business Services

Post-award services (award cycle) includes guidance and assistance in award negotiation and acceptance, award set-up, sub-award/contracts negotiations, review of grant expenditures, award modifications and close-out activities as well as assisting in ensuring compliance with sponsor's reporting requirements and regulations.

Please note:

  • All sponsored program applications, for research or other purposes, must be submitted through SPO.
  • Aurora, rather than the PD/PI, acts as the official legal applicant for the administration of sponsored projects. Investigators should not enter into or sign any legal and/or binding agreements on behalf of Aurora Health Care.
  • Investigators should not enter into or sign any legal and/or binding agreements on behalf of Aurora Health Care.
  • All requests for external funding must be approved by Aurora's Senior Vice President for Research and Academic Relations.
  • All awards must be made to Aurora and accepted by the Senior Vice President for Research and Academic Relations and Chief Financial Officer.
  • The PI has ultimate responsibility for the implementation and management of a sponsored project.

Please contact SPO for further information and assistance.