Sponsored Programs Office

Award Management

Research AwardsAward management of a sponsored project begins with award notification (sometimes called a Notice of Award or NOA) and ends when the project has been completed and closed. It is often referred to as the “post-award” phase of the life cycle of an award.

The SPO is in the process of transitioning all post-award responsibilities to the Institute Business Services department. In the interim, all questions related to post-award functions can be directed to the SPO administrative assistant for routing to the appropriate person.

Please Note:

  • Acceptance of funds: There is a process for central review of incoming awards to ensure that Aurora accepts any conditions imposed on the award and for ensuring that those funds are used for the purpose and subject to the conditions of the award. Under no circumstances can the award be accepted by the program director/principal investigator (PD/PI) or anyone else.
  • The PD/PI is responsible for determining whether the terms that affect the project scope, performance and budget, including reporting requirements, are acceptable, and is responsible for overall management of the award. It is the responsibility of the PD/PI to monitor the day-to-day fiscal performance of the project.
  • The PD/PI must have all administrative and regulatory requirements (human subjects and/or animal use protections) in place PRIOR to award account set up and expenditure of funds.
  • The post-award staff provides service and guidance to all investigators. This includes timely set-up of the award account, holding a kick-off meeting with the investigator and key team members to explain terms and conditions of the award (such as effort reporting and policies related to expenditures) and reporting and servicing of awards to satisfy obligations to the sponsoring agencies while maintaining compliance with sponsor and Aurora policies.

Helpful Tips for the PD/PI

  • Read the award guidelines and budget carefully to ensure proper management of the award.

  • Do not spend funds under new or renewed projects until authority to expend is received and an appropriate cost center number has been assigned.

  • Review grant expenses each month, verify all charges and process all budgetary adjustments to avoid audit issues.

  • Avoid purchasing equipment during the last three months and/or purchasing supplies during the last month of a federal grant. Federal auditors may disallow the cost near the end of a grant.
  • Submit required periodic and final reports on time.

Please contact SPO for further information and assistance.