Department of Spiritual Care

Spiritual Care at Aurora Health CareOur mission

We provide:

  • Spiritual and emotional care for patients, families, and staff.
  • Professional education that develops competence in ministry.

Spirituality and Chaplains

Spirituality addresses the need everyone has for connection, meaning, and purpose in life. It helps us discover our inner resources and use them to guide us on our journey. These can include family, community, faith, journaling, nature and so much more.

In times of crisis and uncertainty, our spirituality can be one of our most important tools to see us through. However it is often difficult to do this on our own.

During these times, hospital chaplains are available to provide a supportive presence and a listening ear with a heart for the patient's faith tradition, lifestyle and emotional needs.

Chaplains can be especially helpful when you:

  • Need to talk with someone about heartfelt concerns.
  • Receive an unexpected diagnosis or news that leaves you shaken.
  • Are waiting for a procedure or you are in a situation that is causing anxiety or fear.
  • Are facing death or a major life decision.
  • Are struggling with questions of meaning and/or purpose.