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Video 1: Tim Rappis was the 800th heart transplant patient at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center. He and his wife Sally discuss their care experience.
Video 2: Tim's surgeon, Dr. John Crouch, speaks to the expertise of the transplant program.

Did you know that up to eight lives can be saved by just one organ donor? Fifty or more can be improved through eye and tissue donation.

Since 1968, Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center has been a leader in transplant surgery. We've performed more than 800 heart transplants since the program began. Achieving this milestone firmly places Aurora St. Luke's transplant program amongst the top 5% of hospitals nationwide for volume of transplant procedures.

The cardiac transplant program at Aurora St. Luke's is the largest in Wisconsin and one of the largest in the nation. Other hospitals have performed a similar number of heart transplants including the University of Minnesota Medical Center, the University of Michigan Medical Center and Ochsner Foundation Hospital in New Orleans.

In addition to heart transplants, we also have a successful abdominal transplant program, featuring liver and pancreas transplant capabilities as well as top surgeons and nephrologists specializing in laparoscopic kidney donation.

Hundreds of our patients have received healthy new organs and have lived to enjoy the benefits. Our program is Medicare-approved for heart, liver and kidney transplants and offers 24-hour access to physicians and transplant coordinators.

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We offer comprehensive transplant services, including:

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