Kidney Transplant Program

Kidney Transplant FAQ

How long do you wait for a kidney transplant?
The amount of time you will wait depends on several variables: your place on the transplant list, your blood type and your clinical status. Your blood type must be an acceptable match with the kidney donor's blood type. The severity of your disease will also help determine your place on the list.

What do I need to do if I would like to donate a kidney?
The first step to becoming a living kidney donor is to call a St. Luke's transplant coordinator at (414)-646-2550. The coordinator will discuss the process, acceptance criteria and risks associated with kidney donation.

How do you become listed for kidney transplant?
After being referred to the Transplant Clinic by your primary physician, nephrologists or dialysis center, the Transplant Clinic coordinator will contact you to setup an initial appointment and review the kidney transplant process. After completing the necessary interviews and diagnostic tests your case will be referred to a selection committee that will determine if you are a candidate for kidney transplant. Upon approval by the selection committee, you will be listed on the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS).

What can kidney transplant recipients expect following their transplant?
For the first few weeks after transplant, patients can expect frequent appointments with the transplant clinic where they will check for signs of rejection and appropriate recovery. Patients will also undergo rehabilitation to help them return to normal activity. Most patients regain their health and strength and are able to resume everyday activities within a few months.

To learn more, click here or call 414-646-2550.