Be a living kidney donor… The need is great

Joe Bartolotta discusses his experience with the living donor kidney transplant program at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

Most kidneys for transplant are from people who have died and whose families give permission for organ donation. But there aren't enough of these organs for everyone who needs one.

  • Nationally, more than 80,000 patients are on the kidney transplant waiting list, and more are added each year.
  • Many people wait more than 5 years for a kidney from a deceased donor.
  • Each year, in Wisconsin alone, there are approximately 2,000 people on the waiting list for a deceased donor kidney.
  • Across the United States, an average of 10 people die each day, waiting for a kidney.
  • Many individuals are good candidates for a transplant when they were first put on the waiting list.
  • Health and quality of life deteriorates the longer someone remains on dialysis.

Living donor kidney transplants are an important option

Living donor kidney transplants are possible because most people are born with two kidneys. When surgeons remove one of the donor’s kidneys, the remaining kidney grows slightly to compensate for the loss of the other and the kidney can function normally. Living donation offers an alternative for individuals awaiting transplantation from a deceased donor and increases the existing organ supply.

Aurora’s Living Kidney Donor Program 

  • Offers the opportunity for a living compatible donor to donate a kidney
  • Gives patients the opportunity to reduce the time spent on a donation waiting list and limit time spent on dialysis
  • Limits complications and reduces mortality rates that accompany delays in treatment
  • Allows for both donor and recipient to conveniently schedule, plan and prepare for this life-changing procedure

A living donor can save and greatly improve the quality of life of a transplant candidate. For more information on Aurora's Living Kidney Donor Program please contact ourLiving Donor Nurse Coordinator at 414-646-0584, or contact us online.