Kidney Donation Support

Step-by-Step Support for You

Our dedicated Living Donor Nurse Coordinator understands the emotional and physical aspects of kidney disease and also recognizes the personal and sensitive issues that patients face when considering living donation. The Nurse Coordinator is uniquely qualified to provide patients with guidance, educational materials and support.  If you make the decision to become a living donor, the Nurse Coordinator also assists in managing all aspects of your care. Your Nurse Coordinator:

  • Works with you to arrange a complete schedule of care
  • Provides collaboration and communication between you and your team of physicians, specialists and services
  • Is a single point of contact, available to answer questions, connect you with additional resources, as well as oversee, collect and organize medical records and other paperwork.

To speak with Aurora St. Luke’s Living Donor Kidney Transplant Coordinator, call 414-646-0584.