Living Donor Kidney Transplant: Heidi DeFrank

Jeff and Heidi discuss their experience with the living donor kidney transplant program at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. 

Heidi DeFrank believes her adopted younger brother was brought into her family for a reason. After testing revealed he was the perfect match, Jeff Fahrenbacher donated his kidney to his sister in May 2012.

Heidi’s life before the surgery was an on-going struggle with regular fatigue from dialysis and constant worrying about the future. When Jeff learned about the Aurora St. Luke’s Living Kidney Donor Program, he knew this was his opportunity to do something significant for the sister who had helped in so many ways throughout his life.

After a successful surgery and thanks to Jeff, Heidi is now back to being the kind of mom she wants to be, energetic and looking forward to the future. And while the recovery time felt like a vacation to Jeff, he’s happier than ever now embracing life as a newlywed.

Heidi and Jeff