Living Donor Kidney Transplant: Joe Bartolotta


Joe Bartolotta gets to embrace his passion for the restaurant business even more. Joe Bartolotta, owner of The Bartolotta Restaurants in Milwaukee, received a kidney transplant from his brother-in-law, Jamie Shiparski, in February 2013.

Two and a half years earlier, Joe was told transplant surgery was not an option and he would have to begin dialysis. That’s when Joe sought a second opinion with Aurora Health Care and found himself at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center. His cardiologist and care team laid out a new plan of care where the option of a living kidney donor transplant became a reality.

Jamie didn’t hesitate to volunteer the donation of his kidney and fortunately, both shared the same blood type. Following the successful surgery, Joe and Jamie had a smooth recovery and are now back to enjoying life that much more, one with a new healthy kidney, one knowing his gesture gave years of life. 

Joe Bartolotta and Jamie Shiparski