Living Donor Kidney Transplant: Kressie Strohmeier

Kressie and Aimee discuss their experience with the living donor kidney transplant program at Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center.

Aimee Bensene took “being a good friend” to a whole new level. After more than two years of being on dialysis and then getting on the transplant list, Kressie Strohmeier finally agreed to let her good friend Aimee Bensene change her life forever.

In April 2013, Aimee donated her kidney to Kressie as part of the Aurora St. Luke’s Living Kidney Donor Program. After doing research, learning about the program and the transplant team and talking with others who had donated their kidneys, Aimee was eager to get the ball rolling and begin the necessary testing and Kressie was ready to get back the life dialysis took away from her.

Both Kressie and Aimee are doing well post-surgery, sending time with family and friends and taking more steps to healthier living. The friendship and bond they share is stronger than ever.

Kressie Strohmeier and Aimee Bensene