Staying healthy abroad starts with healthy advice at home

To schedule an appointment with your travel health specialist, contact any one of the Aurora Travelers Clinics. Personal counseling is required to develop your travel care plan. If possible, we suggest that you schedule your travel counseling session at least 6 weeks before your departure to allow enough time for the appropriate immunizations.

Services provided

Aurora offers up-to-date travel information on health risks, medical care and vaccination requirements for your upcoming trip abroad. Whether you are a vacationer, business traveler, missionary, exchange student or world explorer, Aurora can provide valuable information to reduce your risk of illnesses on your journey. We will discuss:

  • An individualized prevention plan based on the your itinerary
  • The different travel health vaccines: routine, required and recommended
  • Possible malaria threats: personal protection, medication choices and indications for use
  • Water and food borne illnesses, including immunizations, medications and patient education
  • Ways to help you have a safe and healthy trip

Get information on what vaccinations you might need and other tips on traveling abroad.

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