About Urology Services in Wisconsin

Learn More About Urology Treatments at Aurora Health Care

At Aurora, we are always working to improve our care and expand our treatment options, and our urology team dedicates every day to providing the highest level of urology care and services to you. We care for more than just your urology needs. By partnering with your primary care provider or other referring physician, we offer the full range of both consultative and procedural services.

Our urologists offer treatments and procedures for many conditions, including:

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To enhance and support the highest level of urology care, we provide outpatient diagnosis and treatment as well as inpatient consultation and therapy management.

Advantages of Urological Treatment at Aurora Health Care

All Aurora urology specialists have access to all of the services offered by Aurora Health Care’s hospitals and clinics. Some of those benefits are:

  • Access to an Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
  • Specialized cancer care
  • A medical center that is experienced with complex care
  • Access to the latest treatment advances, including minimally invasive and robotic-assisted surgeries

Minimally Invasive and State-of-the-Art Surgical Options

Minimally invasive surgical procedures offer many benefits for patients, including reduced risk, less pain and faster recovery time.

Our experienced team offers expertise in the most advanced therapies and treatment techniques such as laparoscopic and robotic-assisted surgery, partial nephrectomy and prostatectomy. In other words, we offer cutting edge treatment options you can’t get everywhere. To best serve our patients, many of our urologists perform robotic-assisted surgery. Three of the robotic-assisted surgeries offered at Aurora are:

How Do I Schedule a Consultation With a Urology Specialist?

To schedule a consultation or appointment with a urology specialist at Aurora, call one of the urology offices directly. View the list of Aurora urologists.