Ureteral Obstruction Treatments in Wisconsin

What is Ureteral Obstruction?

Ureteral Obstruction is a blockage in the urinary tract. It can occur anywhere within the urinary tract. These obstructions are curable with surgery, but they must be treated promptly to avoid complications. If ureteral obstructions aren’t treated, they can quickly lead to severe illness, including kidney damage, severe infections like sepsis, and even death.

Symptoms of Ureteral Obstruction

Symptoms of ureteral obstruction will vary from person to person, and they may be more obvious or severe when there is a complete blockage or blockage on both sides of the body. Some of the symptoms are:

If you have any symptoms of ureteral obstruction, contact your doctor right away. This condition can quickly progress from mild to severe and life threatening.

Treatment Options for Ureteral Obstruction

The ultimate goal of treatment is to remove blockages and repair any damage that has occurred to the ureters and kidneys.

Prior to surgery, some people will require temporary treatment to remove urine from the body. Such treatments may include:

  • Insertion of a catheter (a tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder)
  • Insertion of a tube through the back into the kidneys to drain the kidneys directly (this is called percutaneous nephrostomy)
  • Insertion of a ureteral stent (a hollow tube that helps keep the ureter open)

There are a number of surgeries that can help cure ureteral obstructions. The general categories are minimally invasive surgery and tradition/open surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery (laparoscopy) for Ureteral Obstruction

Minimally invasive surgeries may provide benefits to patients, such as decreased pain, less bleeding, fewer complication, reduced recovery time and reduced risk. Minimally invasive surgeries for ureteral obstruction include:

  • Robotic pyeloplasty
  • Laparoscopic pyeloplasty

Traditional or Open Surgery

Depending on the location of your blockage and the extent of damage, your urologist may elect to perform a tradition or open surgery to remove the blockage and repair any damage caused by the blockage.

If you suspect you may have a ureteral obstruction, an Aurora urology specialist can help.

How Do I Schedule a Consultation With a Urology Specialist?

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