Varicocele Treatment in Wisconsin

Varicocele Treatment in Wisconsin

A varicocele is the enlargement & elongation of the mass of veins that leave the testes. When something damages one or more of the veins, a varicocele can result. When a man has a varicocele, the mass (or network) of veins leaving the scrotum may appear visibly blue (similar to the varicose veins that appear in some people’s legs). Some men report they feel like a bag of worms.

Varicoceles don’t always cause problems, but they can lead to infertility due to low sperm production and decreased sperm quality caused by the damaged vein(s). Varicoceles may also cause the testicles to atrophy (shrink).

Symptoms of Varicocele

Many men with a varicocele will not experience any symptoms at all. However, some men report pain that accompanies the condition.

Varicoceles can grow over time, which may make them more noticeable and may cause additional symptoms.

If you have pain or swelling in your scrotum or feel any sort of mass on your scrotum, contact your doctor right away. Other conditions can cause these symptoms, and some may require prompt treatment to avoid serious complications.

Varicocele Diagnosis

Most varicoceles can be diagnosed through a physical exam of your scrotum and testes. However, some varicoceles are difficult to detect without the aid of imaging tests. If you’re having scrotal pain and your doctor cannot find the cause, he or she will likely order an ultrasound of your scrotum. This test will help visualize the structures inside your body and can help rule out other conditions.

Varicocele Treatment Options

If a varicocele isn’t causing pain or other problems, your doctor may recommend not treating it. However, if you are experiencing pain, infertility or testicular atrophy (shrinking of the testicles), your doctor may recommend a varicocele repair, called a varicocelectomy.

There are three types of varicocele repairs:

  • Open or traditional surgery
  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery
  • Percutaneous embolization

The type of varicocelectomy your physician chooses will depend upon a number of factors. If you have questions about varicocele treatment or repair, contact an Aurora urology specialist.

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