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BiliBed® Phototherapy UnitBiliBed® Phototherapy Unit

  1. With the Bilicombi Therapy Blanket, babies can be kept diapered and warm without overhead lamps. Therapeutic light focuses directly on the baby through the underside of the therapy blanket.
  2. The baby lies comfortably on a light-permeable Baby Support.
  3. The irradiation unit is placed in the infant's bassinet or crib instead of a mattress.

BiliBed® Phototherapy UnitThe Medela BiliBed is the latest innovation in the treatment of hyperbilirubinema. The BiliBed provides more intensive therapeutic light than fiberoptic and conventional phototherapy units. Precisely directed light and minimum distance to the baby provide higher irradiance levels with superb therapeutic performance.

  • Proven to reduce bilirubin levels
  • Higher irradiance than fiberoptic and conventional systems
  • Allows rooming-in with the mother and creates less anxiety for parents
  • Works in standard bassinets and cribs
  • No need for infant eye patches because light contacts only baby's body
  • Infants can be kept warm with the Bilicombi™ therapy blanket.
  • No overhead warming lights to position or remove
  • Avoids chafing sometimes associated with fiberoptic panels.
  • Portable and easy to store
  • Hour meters to track bulb life and infant treatment time

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