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Low Air Loss Mattress (LAL 1100)Low Air Loss Mattress (LAL 1100)

The Jay Dermafloat Low Air Loss (LAL) System is a deluxe comforter and high-output control unit that provide therapeutic benefits to patients suffering from or at risk of developing pressure ulcers. The LAL 1100 is one of the lightest, most durable and easiest to use genuine low air loss systems on the market.

  • Control unit has an easy-to-use dial that adjusts pressure level from soft to firm
  • Provides true air loss with maximum pressure relief and moisture control
  • Provides maximum pressure relief by optimizing weight distribution over 5 zones
  • A quick 40-second mattress inflation provides for quick setup and easy patient transfers
  • CPR relief. Air eliminated in 20 seconds for medical emergencies
  • Independent cell removal. Individual damaged cells may be changed in the field. Creates flexibility for clinicians to accommodate specific medical needs. Allows for quick and easy cleaning
  • Provides firm mattress side rails that contain the patient and makes transfers easy
  • Adjustable patient weight settings. East clinical use for optimal pressure distribution
  • The high-density sealed foam base provides added security in case of power failure and prevents contamination to the foam.
  • Cell system attached to bed frames in 6 areas to ensure mattress is secure

Product width: 34"
Product length: 80"
Product height: 10"
Weight capacity: 300 lbs.

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