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Easy Dial Oxygen RegulatorEasy Dial Oxygen Regulator

  • The Easy Dial Regulator is only 4.25" long and weighs a mere 7.8 oz. as a result of the offset gauge and the new multi-spring technology.
  • The unit's easily accessible flow setting knob is large and knurled making the flow adjustment a cinch even for the physically challenged.
  • The Easy Dial Regulator features a built-in pressure relief, as well as a protected contents gauge. The easy to seal Viton yoke seal provides a better regulator-to-tank seal.
  • The unique design minimizes normal flow variation that occurs as tank pressure drops.
  • Comes in 2 body designs, yoke or nut style, and is available in 5 flow rates:
    • .25-8 LPM
    • .50-15 LPM
    • .25-25 LPM
    • 1/32-4 LPM
    • 31-4000 cc/min

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