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NPB-290/NPB-295 Pulse OximetersNPB-290/NPB-295 Pulse Oximeters

Nellcor® NPB-290 and NPB-295 Pulse Oximeters are high performance, easy-to-use monitors that provide accuracy, reliability and proven signal processing to track even active and poorly perfused patients. Equipped with Oxismart® Advanced Signal Processing and Alarm Management Technology, these pulse oximeters identify electronic and optical noise, as well as motion artifact. This results in a reduced number of nuisance alarms and provides caregivers with more time for patients.

  • Lightweight, durable and portable
  • Monitors adults, pediatrics and neonates
  • Serial output prints on commercially available printers
  • High quality LED (NPB-290) or LCD (NPB-295) display
  • NPB-295 can display plethysmographic waveforms
  • Both models feature up to 24 hours of patient trend memory
  • EIA-232 digital output from serial port
  • Compatible with Score™ Analysis software A service the Aurora VNA provides
  • User-configurable power-on settings
  • Analog output
  • Priority Alarm Scheme
  • Rechargeable 8-hour battery

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