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Key questions about home care

How can home care help me?

The Aurora Visiting Nurse Association of Wisconsin's mission is to provide care that allows people to remain in the community and be independent.

We can teach you or a family member how to manage a new diagnosis or a flare-up of diabetes, high blood pressure, or any number of health problems. If you have been in the hospital, your physician can refer you to the VNA for care if you have an open incision, a wound that needs dressing changes, or for an assessment, just to see how you are doing when you get home.

Medicare requires two things regarding home care. The care must be skilled, such as injections, IVs, and wound care, and you must be home bound, that is, unable to leave your home without a taxing effort. Private insurance coverage varies, but most insurers follow the Medicare guidelines.

What kind of professionals/services does the Aurora VNA provide?

We can provide you with caregivers including nurses, physical and occupational therapists, speech therapists, social workers and home health aides. We also offer a complete supply of home medical equipment and products.

When can I receive home care? Will I have access to care at odd hours?

Aurora VNA caregivers generally work between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., but we have 24- hour coverage. So, if you experience a problem during the night, you can call the main number and a nurse will talk with you. If the problem can't be fixed over the phone, we will send a nurse out to see you.

Will there be a cost?

If your insurance is Medicare or Title 19, there is no cost to you for home care. With private insurance or some Medicare HMOs, there may be a co-pay. Private insurance also may limit the number of visits.

Why should I ask my doctor to refer me to the Aurora VNA versus other services?

We are part of Aurora Health Care, the largest integrated health care system in Wisconsin. However, we accept referrals from any hospital or physician.

We care for all ages of patients, from newborns to the frail elderly. Regardless of your insurance, we will help you obtain from suppliers any home medical equipment or other products you may need.

When comparing the our scores in data kept by the government with other home care agencies, the Aurora VNA demonstrates improvement of our patients.

And our caregivers, who work out of VNA branches throughout Eastern Wisconsin, are compassionate, knowledgeable and skilled.