Women’s Health Care

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Breast Health Services

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Obstetric Services

  • Our obstetric services offer exceptional prenatal care. Aurora has 12 birthing centers—where more babies are born than anywhere else in Wisconsin.
Woman facing cancer gains strength from Aurora women’s care doctors

Incontinence Treatment

  • Our team of urogynecologists and pelvic floor rehabilitation specialists provide incontinence treatment for women later in life.

Care for All Stages of Women’s Health

As women, we have high expectations for our women’s health care provider. We look for someone we can trust, someone we can confide in, someone exceptionally knowledgeable about women’s care, someone who can guide us through this ever-changing journey.

For moms-to-be, Aurora offers exceptional prenatal care through our network of obstetric providers and the largest midwife services program in the state of Wisconsin. And, Aurora has 12 birthing centers—where more babies are born than anywhere else in Wisconsin.

Our maternal-fetal medicine specialty team includes physicians, genetic counselors, nurses and sonographers to guide you through a high-risk pregnancy with expert care. And if your baby is born prematurely or has special needs, count on Aurora’s neonatal intensive care unit  (NICU) staff to provide the best care possible for your infant.

When you require advanced care for more complex illnesses or conditions—we’re here with our leading experts in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery to provide more advanced treatment options. Since later in life many women experience incontinence and pelvic floor disorders, Aurora has a team of urogynecologists and other specialists with specific expertise in pelvic floor rehabilitation who offer the comprehensive care you need.

At Aurora, we also emphasize prevention and early disease detection. Count on Aurora to blend our leading-edge technology, advanced research and compassionate care so you can live each day to the fullest.