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Aurora Fertility Services' Egg Donor Program

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Video one: Patient Heather Wendland describes her experience working with the egg donor program.
Video two: Heather Wendland shares how Aurora's integrated care model and doctors helped.

At 37 years old, Heather Wendland realized that time was not on her side when it came to starting a family with her husband Matt. So, after a year of trying to get pregnant, Heather's OB/GYN, William Morrissey, MD, referred her to a reproductive endocrinologist at Aurora Fertility Services in Green Bay.

 "After Matt and I went through the initial tests and screenings, our reproductive endocrinologist recommended in-vitro fertilization (IVF)," remembers Heather. "In our case, he thought it was the best option."

Heather's first two IVF treatments took, but at around 8 weeks gestation, the embryos would stop developing. Her third IVF attempt was unsuccessful. Heather shared the emotional and physical process of each IVF experience by blogging. "It was a way for me to put everything out there at one time," she says. "Like a journal, it was therapeutic. I also found that I didn't have to continually repeat my story, which could be very emotionally draining. I shared the clinical aspects as well as my thoughts and feelings. From there, people could come to me with specific questions and feedback."

Through her blogs Heather has been able to share detailed descriptions of tests, procedures and protocols. She is very candid as she shares personal experiences, feelings and thoughts. In her words, you can sense her excitement and her frustration which she manages to infuse with humor. As a two-way communication tool, blogging has also provided Heather with support as blog-visitors leave supportive comments, prayers and best wishes.

Successful IVF family, the Wendlands, at Aurora BayCare Medical Center, Green Bay, WI

For their fourth IVF treatment, her reproductive endocrinologist suggested they consider using a donor eggs.Aurora Fertility Services has achieved high success rates by creating very personalized treatment plans. They incorporate a wide range of advanced assisted reproductive technologies from male and female fertility analysis and intrauterine insemination to IVF and gestational surrogacy, to meet all fertility needs.

Again, Heather shared the entire process via her blog titled 'what to expect when you're not expecting. a journey through IVF. The IVF was successful and Heather and her husband welcomed twin baby girls on February 12, 2010.

Along with the medical expertise at Aurora Fertility Services, Heather says it was the genuine care that she received that made a difference, "The entire office is there for you. This process is more than physical medicine - the level of comfort and the amount of support that I received helped to reduce stress and had a positive impact."

Through her blogs and also from personal friends, Heather has heard other women share stories of their own fertility journeys and realizes how lucky she was to have this type of care so close to home. "The process alone takes an emotional, physical and monetary toll. I couldn't imagine having the extra hassle and expense of traveling, staying in hotels or missing days at home and at work."

Other women have dealt with seeing a different doctor at each visit and having to bounce from one facility to another for different procedures. "Continuity of care is very important," relates Heather. "At Aurora, the entire staff became like family. We got to know them and they knew us. I looked forward to seeing them at my appointments and it made me feel more relaxed and comfortable."

Beyond her fertility treatment experiences, Heather blogged throughout her pregnancy, her four months of bed-rest leading up to the twins' birth and the five weeks that they spent in neonatal intensive care unit. She continues to share her story. "If I can help make even one other couple as happy as we are, it is worth it," she says.

Aurora Fertility Services offers nine convenient locations from the Illinois border throughout eastern Wisconsin, including Green Bay and as far north as Marquette, Michigan. Aurora Fertility Services now offers the IVF Shared Success Program to further reduce anxiety and financial risk and create a better patient experience. For patients who meet the designated criteria, the program makes costs more predictable by fixing the cost of treatment and providing a 70% refund if treatment is not successful.

For a confidential consultation regarding how we can help you realize your dreams of a family, call 877-358-0833 or contact us via email.

To hear more about the Wendlands' experience, check out Heather's blogs at www.wendland2.wordpress.com; www.rudytootie.wordpress.com and www.babyjellybeans.com