Shared Success Donor Program

Financing In Vitro Fertilization

Aurora Fertility Services Shared Success Donor Program was developed to decrease a couple’s financial anxiety and make treatment costs more predictable. The Shared Success Donor Program reduces financial risk by fixing the cost of treatment and providing a refund if the couple is not successful. Success at Aurora Fertility Services means delivery of a live baby. In the event that a baby is not delivered, the refund allows couples financial resources for other family building options.

If you qualify for the Shared Success Donor Program, you may attempt up to two IVF cycles and all frozen cycles during a 24 month period for a fixed fee. Acceptance into to program is based on criteria developed by Aurora Fertility Services. Cases are reviewed on an individual basis and not all patients will qualify.


The Shared Success Donor Program is offered to couples after completing a full medical screening and after review of prior medical records.

  • Women must be 45 or younger at the start of first stimulation cycle
  • BMI 19 - 30
  • Non smoker
  • Male with > 100,000 total motile sperm or use of donor sperm
  • No need for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD) or known parental karotype abnormalities
  • Consent to ICSI and transfer of at least 2 embryos
  • Egg donor must have previously donated with pregnancy achieved


  • Up to 2 fresh IVF cycles
  • Treatment monitoring (labs and ultrasounds)
  • Trial embryo transfer
  • Physician fee for the egg retrieval and embryo transfer
  • IVF laboratory services; including semen processing, fertilization of eggs (including ICSI), culture of embryos, embryo freezing, assisted hatching (if indicated), and frozen embryo storage fees for the first  two years
  • If pregnancy is not achieved in fresh cycle, then this program will include subsequent Frozen Embryo Transfer cycles.  All cryopreserved embryos must be transferred before the next fresh cycle is initiated


  • All pretesting to determine eligibility to participate in program
  • All medications
  • Anesthesia services during the egg retrieval
  • Cost associated with obtaining donor sperm
  • Any complications related to the IVF process including but not limited to treatment of ovarian hyperstimulation, pregnancy complications, miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy
  • Donor compensation
  • Psychological evaluations for recipient and donor