Risk Sharing for IVF

IVF Financial Assistance with Aurora's Shared Success Program

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Video one: Frank Wittmaack, MD, spoke to The Morning Blend on February 27, 2012.
Video two: Ellen Hayes, MD on The Morning Blend, November 17, 2011.

Aurora Fertility Services' Shared Success Program reduces financial risk by fixing the cost of treatment and providing a 70% refund if the couple is not successful. With a risk sharing IVF program, the financial risk is "shared" between a couple and provider. Shared Success provides IVF financial assistance to decrease couples' financial anxiety about treating infertility and makes treatment costs more predictable.

Success with Aurora's services means delivery of a live baby. In the event that a baby is not delivered, the refund allows couples financial resources for other family building options.

If you qualify for the Shared Success Program, you may attempt up to three IVF cycles using one's own eggs and up to two IVF cycles using donor eggs during the course of the program for a fixed fee. Acceptance into the program is based on criteria developed by Aurora's reproductive health services. Cases are reviewed on an individual basis and not all patients will qualify.

Shared Risk Program Options

The Shared Success Program is offered to couples after completing full medical screening.

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