Carol Sagan

Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery patient, Carol Sagan, received a minimally-invasive bladder sling and underwent a pelvic reconstructive procedure with John Utrie, DO.

In the winter of 2011 Carol Sagan struggled with a case of pneumonia that she just couldn’t shake. Just when it started to go away, it was back – the fever, headache, and most of all, the persistent cough. “I literally coughed my insides loose,” describes Carol. “I wasn’t ready to share that information with my close friends and family, let alone complete strangers. But because of the care I received, I want everyone to know that they don’t have to be uncomfortable or embarrassed to seek medical care for such a private concern. There are viable options available to them.”

Carol discussed her concerns with her primary care physician, Cheryl Dominski, MD, an internal medicine physician with Aurora Advanced Healthcare. Dr. Dominski recognized that Carol’s condition needed the advanced care of a urogynecologist and gave Carol a list of specialists. “After doing some research into my options, I scheduled an appointment with John Utrie, DO, at Aurora West Allis Medical Center. He came highly recommended by my doctor,” explains Carol. “From the minute I called, I realized there was something special about Dr. Utrie’s practice. His staff was so caring. They seemed to really understand my concerns and worked to get me in to see him right away.”

During her consultation, Dr. Utrie listened to Carol’s concerns and gave very specific directions on how he would recommend she proceed. He suggested that Carol have a minimally-invasive bladder sling and pelvic reconstruction procedure.

“When you are dealing with such personal issues, it is important to feel a rapport with your care providers,” explains Carol. “Dr. Utrie was very professional yet compassionate. He made me feel so comfortable addressing a very private matter.”

Minimally-invasive procedures, like the one Carol had, offer women the same quality care as traditional gynecologic surgery, but offer many benefits that include a quicker recovery, less pain and the ability to get back to a daily routine sooner.

Carol went into the hospital on Wednesday morning and was home by Thursday afternoon. She is feeling great and back to her routine of walking. However, in an effort to allow her body to fully heal, Carol is still restricted on how much she is allowed to lift and needs to stay out of the swimming pool for a few more weeks.

“I can’t believe how comfortable I was with the impending surgery,” recalls Carol. “I had the peace of mind knowing I could call Dr. Utrie’s office anytime if I had any questions or concerns.”

“Dr. Utrie’s staff gave me the confidence to share my story with others,” concludes Carol. “Their caring manner took away the stigma I was feeling. Women need to know that they don’t have to live with similar concerns.”

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