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At Aurora Health Care, our research leadership team includes administrators, service line managers and world-renowned doctors. We share a common devotion to improving care and wellness through patient-centered research.

Leadership Team

Aurora Research Institute Leadership

The Aurora Research Institute leadership team includes:

President’s Office

  • Randall Lambrecht, PhD, president of Aurora Research Institute/senior vice president of Aurora Health Care
  • Vicki Soerens, executive assistant
  • Kelly Piacsek, PhD, vice president of patient-centered research
  • Kurt Waldhuetter, MS, vice president of research business services

Patient-Centered Research Directors

  • Amy Beres, PhD, oncology
  • Nina Garlie, PhD, neurosciences and emerging areas

Medical Research Directors


  • Karen Cheek, RN, oncology clinical trials
  • Don Conrad, MEng, MPP, research business innovation
  • Wendy Dunaj, RN, cardiovascular clinical trials
  • Katie Klein, research publications
  • David Krum, MS, translational cardiovascular research
  • Andy Marek, research analytics
  • Karen Michel, translational cardiovascular research
  • Annette Paul, MAT, Aurora BayCare Medical Center research
  • Natalie Polinske, MS, biorepository program
  • Katie Richter, clinical trial business services
  • Carol Tutino, BSN, MS, neurosciences and emerging areas clinical trials
  • Mindy Waite, PhD, research grants and projects

Service Lines

Our Research Scientists

Cardiovascular Research Scientists

Cancer Research Scientists

  • Paul Mintz, PhD, senior research scientist
  • Jun Yin, PhD, research scientist

Neurosciences Research Scientists

Emerging Areas Research Scientist


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