Kourosh Ravvaz, MD, PhD, MPH 

Senior Research Scientist

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Aurora Research Institute
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Senior Research Scientist Kourosh Ravvaz, MD, PhD

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Dr. Ravvaz’s research team focuses on improving the efficacy of established pharmaceuticals and aiding clinical decisions for complicated diseases. To accomplish this, he stresses the importance of using health informatics, maximizing the diversity of patients and making data accessible to clinicians at the point of care. Dr. Ravvaz has targeted both early stage bladder cancer and outpatient anticoagulation therapy as areas where his approach could bring improvements in clinical care.

Dr. Ravvaz, who previously worked as a clinician, came to his current position at Aurora Research Institute after seeing how the prevailing one-size-fits-all approach to medicine could inhibit innovation. This inspired him to begin studying bioinformatics and public health, which informed his current approach to precision medicine.


Doctorate, Biomedical and Health Informatics
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Doctor of Medicine
Iran University of Medical Services, Tehran

Master of Public Health
Tehran University of Medical Sciences, Iran

Professional highlights

National Institutes of Health subaward from Harvard University, Predictive optimal anticlotting treatment for segmented patient populations, 1R01LM011566, 2013-2018
Aurora Cancer Care Research Award recipient, Predicting clinical validity of bladder cancer nomograms, Vince Lombardi Cancer Foundation and the Aurora Research Institute, 2015-2017
Cardiovascular Surgery Research Award recipient, Predicting the quality of postoperative anticoagulation therapy following heart valvular replacement surgery, Aurora Health Care Foundation, 2015-2018


Ravvaz K, Walz ME, Weissert JA, Downs TM. Predicting nonmuscle invasive bladder cancer recurrence and progression in a United States population. J Urol. 2017;198:824-831.

Ravvaz K, Weissert JA, Ruff CT, Chi CL, Tonellato PJ. Personalized anticoagulation: Optimizing Warfarin management using genetics and simulated clinical trials. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2017;10(6).

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