The Aurora Difference: Research

The Aurora Difference: Research

The Aurora Difference

Advancing Medical Care by Focusing on the People We Serve

By focusing on people, our research is dedicated to improving population-wide medical care, starting right here in eastern Wisconsin. We are an integrated health system, which helps our scientists and doctors quickly spread new medical knowledge across more than 150 clinics in 90 communities.

The Science Behind Innovative Medical Care

Aurora is home to pioneering research in areas like neurosurgery and arrhythmia care. Our efforts are changing the course of care for some of today’s most pressing health needs.

Research at Aurora is:

  • Data driven: Aurora cares for 1.2 million people per year. Nearly seven in 10 of those approached allow us to use their medical records or blood and tissue samples for research purposes. This rich vein of data opens the door to research opportunities that would not otherwise be possible. Find out more about our Biorepository and Specimen Resource Center.
  • In keeping with strict standards: Our accomplishments would not be possible without volunteers, industry collaborators and participation in government-funded research networks. Maintaining the trust of our stakeholders means everything to us. This is why Aurora is deeply committed to upholding the highest professional and ethical research standards. Find out more about our commitment to integrity and quality.
  • Bringing access to national clinical trials close to home: Our reputation for excellence in clinical trials has helped Aurora earn a spot in prestigious, federally funded clinical trial networks. These networks bring experimental treatments to the communities we serve so people do not have to travel great distances for care. Find out more about our participation in the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program.
  • Specialized: Aurora is home to research specialists typically found in academic medical centers. Our team includes researchers who specialize in areas like abnormal thickening of heart tissue (fibrosis). This level of expertise allows us to take on bigger, more challenging research questions through specialty research programs.
  • Collaborative: The relationship between our doctors and researchers is a two-way street. Doctors often initiate research and work with scientists to develop ideas to improve care in the clinical setting. Our scientists also bring research findings to clinicians to put into practice. In both cases, the goal is the same – improving medical care for the people we serve. Learn more by reading research publications in our very own Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews (JPCRR).
  • Representative of strategic collaborations: Nationally recognized researchers and extensive scientific resources make Aurora an attractive collaborator to any potential research funder. Aurora welcomes the opportunity to work with new and current funders on future projects. Find out more about how to participate in our research.
  • A history of innovation: Our research and collaborations with clinical trials sponsors have led to many “firsts” in care. For example, we were the first in the world offering the most advanced neurosurgery technologies. Find out more about our history of research innovation.

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