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Helping You Make Informed Decisions Every Step of the Way.

Clinical trials at Aurora Health Care – and the people who participate in them – are helping us rewrite the book when it comes to treating cancer, cardiovascular disease and many other serious conditions. We give you all the information and support you need to feel good about your decision to participate.

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What Is a Clinical Trial?

We work with industry leaders, including drug (pharmaceutical) companies, to test treatments through clinical trials. In turn, you gain access to a broader range of options, many of which are available only in select programs across the country.

Clinical trials at Aurora would not be possible without people volunteering to participate. Our participants’ safety, comfort and wellness are our highest priority. This is why we are deeply committed to maintaining the highest professional and ethical research standards. Find out more about integrity and quality.


Information for Clinical Trial Participants

We help you have a good experience by providing you with information and support throughout the clinical trial process, including:

  • Answers to questions: When you have questions, we help you get answers as quickly as possible. You may find the information you need in the answers to our clinical trials FAQs.
  • Additional information: Across all research projects, we take specific steps to protect the safety, health and welfare of our research participants. These efforts include a thorough internal review and approval process for every research project. Find out more about our IRB mission statement.
  • Dedicated support: At Aurora, you are not alone in your clinical trial journey. Our clinical research coordinators are with you from start to finish. Coordinators are nurses and research experts who specialize in working with clinical trial participants. Find out more about our clinical research coordinators.
  • Recommendations: Many people seek out more information before deciding whether to participate in a clinical trial. We help you with links to helpful resources to learn more about how clinical trials work. Learn more: Clinical trials helpful links and information.
  • Next steps: Participating in a clinical trial is a big decision, and we are here to help. We provide you with all the information you need during the informed consent process. This information includes an explanation of the treatment being tested and your rights as a clinical trial participant. Learn more: Clinical trials: What to expect.
  • Celebrating research participants: Thanks to a donation by Aurora Research Institute on behalf of research participants at Aurora Health Care, Greater Gift will provide vaccines to children in need. Learn more: Greater Gift.

The Aurora Difference

Neurology, Cancer and Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

In 2017, more than 1,500 participants enrolled in clinical trials at Aurora. This depth of experience is one reason why top drug and medical device companies partner with us to test new treatments. In turn, you can be among the first to try new treatments, procedures and techniques.

We offer a broad range of clinical trials for:

  • Cancer: We are one of 34 programs in the country participating in the National Cancer Institute Community Oncology Research Program (NCORP). Our participation in NCORP means you have access to, potentially, new cancer-fighting drugs closer to home. Find out more about cancer clinical trials.
  • Brain tumors and neurological conditions: Aurora Neuroscience Innovation Institute is fully dedicated to caring for people with brain tumors and neurological conditions, like multiple sclerosis. Our experts lead clinical trials using first-in-the-world surgical technologies. Find out more about neurology and brain tumor clinical trials.
  • Cardiovascular disease: We are often the first program in Wisconsin offering certain types of clinical trials. These trials include devices like leadless pacemakers, which help you maintain a regular heartbeat without the need for wires (leads) implanted into the heart. Find out more about cardiovascular clinical trials.

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