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Programs & Laboratories

Our research, population health programs and laboratories connect the people we care for to the latest treatments and innovations.

Programs & Laboratories


Patient-Centered Research: In the Lab, Clinic & Community

Aurora Research Institute focuses on patient-centered research and programs that improve health and quality of life for people who seek care at Aurora Health Care.

We conduct original research in laboratories, hospitals and clinics and in the communities we serve.

We discover health solutions and innovations when:

  • Doctors and researchers investigate the causes of disease and medical conditions and research new or better treatments in advanced research laboratories.
  • Analysts and biostatisticians study data and electronic health records to find patterns and indicators that identify disease predictors or assess treatment outcomes.
  • Caregivers go into communities and work with organizations and individuals to improve health care on the ground.

Our Research Programs & Labs

Research Specialties

Aurora conducts leading research into cancer, cardiovascular diseases and neurological disorders. Our patient-centered research focuses on producing advances for the people we serve.

Our teams participate in clinical trials of investigational treatments or procedures for people diagnosed with cancer and other conditions.

Research specialties include:

  • Cardiovascular aging
  • Breast cancer
  • Neurology and brain tumors
  • Access to early phase clinical trials

Read more about our specialty research programs.

Population Health

Many social, cultural and economic factors can affect health outcomes and how people interact with health care systems. Our researchers, clinicians and doctors-in-training go into the community to research these factors.

We identify strategies and programs that improve health outcomes across populations. We work with community organizations, individuals, academics and institutions to improve health in the community.

Our community research programs investigate ways to:

  • Incorporate people’s voices into their care
  • Provide better primary care
  • Organize and coordinate community health responses

Learn about our population health research.

Laboratory Research

In our advanced research laboratories, researchers use the latest equipment and imaging technologies to study diseased and healthy tissues down to the microscopic level.

Through this original research, they develop new understandings of disease processes and explore new and more effective treatments for our patients.

Our laboratories include:

  • Discovery Laboratory at Aurora Sinai Medical Center
  • Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Center Laboratories

Read about our research laboratories.

Internships, Residencies & Fellowships

Aurora Research Institute supports learning and continuing education.

Clinical Trial Enrollment

Learn more about our current clinical trials and if you’re eligible to enroll.

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Vaccine Update

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