Population Health Research

Our researchers and doctors collaborate with individuals, community organizations, academics and institutions interested in promoting and improving the health of different populations.

PopulationHealth Research


Connecting Care & Community

Aurora Research Institute carries out patient-centered research with the goal of improving the health and quality of life of the people we care for at Aurora Health Care.

Doctors and researchers search for innovative treatments for diseases and medical conditions in our laboratories and clinics. We provide access to new drugs, procedures and treatments through participation in clinical trials.

And we collaborate with others on population research programs that improve the health and quality of life of people in the communities where they live.


Original Research & Programs Where You Live

Your health involves more than access to health care. Your economic situation, your occupation, where you live, your social environment and your community can all contribute to your health.

These factors also make a difference in the way you respond to illness or medical treatments and how you recover.

Aurora supports initiatives to research factors that affect health in your neighborhood. We do this by:

  • Supporting research in our communities
  • Connecting community members and organizations with our researchers and doctors
  • Sponsoring health-related projects run by Aurora doctors, doctors-in-training or researchers in the community

Our Community Research Programs

Aurora support several research initiatives that strive to improve the health of patients in our communities:

  • Health care transformation: Aurora Research Institute aims to transform health care delivery, improve outcomes and advance initiatives that affect populations. Learn more about the Ed Howe Center for Health Care Transformation
  • Primary care innovation: We support faculty, doctors and doctors-in-training doing research in the community to improve the health care people receive. Read more about primary care innovation.
  • Community health research: Community organizations, doctors and academics work together to improve community health. Find out more about the Center for Urban Population Health.

How to Participate

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