Center for Urban Population Health

Many factors affect health, and medical care is only one element. As much as 80 percent of how healthy you are depends on your social, economic and physical environments. Our research works to improve  your health.


Supporting Better Community Health

The Center for Urban Population Health (CUPH) facilitates, supports and encourages projects that improve the health of our communities. We work with large cities, small towns and populations.

CUPH researchers study factors that contribute to community health. Our work informs public health policies and fosters initiatives to improve people’s health where they live and work.

CUPH works on projects that fulfill three requirements:

  • Based on evidence: Before a project begins, evidence must show that its approach, intervention or contribution is likely to improve the health of individuals or communities.
  • Driven by data: A project must be able to address a need or problem identified by a community and supported by data. A project must be able to collect data about health outcomes. Researchers then can use the data to analyze the project’s success or effectiveness.
  • Engaged with the community or patients: Effective projects work directly with individuals or communities.


Bringing Together Health Providers, Academics & Communities

CUPH facilitates groups and individuals working together to improve health of their communities.

CUPH helps bring together:

  • Health care providers: Aurora Health Care, one of Wisconsin’s largest regional health care systems, provides a wealth of medical knowledge and innovation. Our trained medical professionals undertake projects in communities.
  • Academic institutions: University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health provide academics with fresh ideas for improving health in our communities and the research to back them up.
  • Community-based organizations: Community organizations offer firsthand knowledge of the people they serve. These groups understand the best ways to engage and access community members. They can offer valuable insights into how to remove barriers to equal access to health care.
  • Researchers and outside organizations: Individual researchers or organizations with projects that meet our criteria for improving health in our communities can work with us.


We Support Community Health Projects in Many Ways

CUPH has over 15 years of experience – and the skills and knowledge that come along with it – in supporting community-based health research and education initiatives.

If you have a project that will improve the health of our communities, we have a variety of experts and facilities that may help. We support community health projects with:

  • Planning
  • Study design, data analysis and information technology
  • Community partnership development
  • Education
  • Communication and sharing information
  • Health services research
  • Administration and operations

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Health Care & Universities Working Together

CUPH is a collaboration to improve health results by bringing our communities the resources and skill sets of these organizations:

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